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Unpacking IO Innovations in Lung Cancer in Pittsburgh
We traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for a State of the Science Summit™ on Lung Cancer, which featured insights from the UPMC and Fox Chase Cancer Center faculty.
Jeffrey Weber, MD, PhD: Charting New Territories in Melanoma
In our exclusive interview, Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD, shared with us his journey into the melanoma field and the lessons he has learned along the way, some of the key studies that have significantly impacted his career and clinical practice, and what lies ahead in the melanoma pipeline.
Analyzing the Application of Precision Medicine in Austin
We traveled to Austin, Texas, for a State of the Science Summit™ on Precision Medicine, which featured insights from the Texas Oncology faculty.
Talking Tumors: Contemplating Clinical Conundrums in Lung Cancer
Lecia V. Sequist, MD, MPH, and Zofia Piotrowska, MD, MHS, give their input on how they approach cases that are often encountered in clinic.
Pondering Progress Made in GU Cancers in Phoenix
We traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, for a State of the Science Summit™ on Genitourinary Cancers, which featured insights from the Mayo Clinic and Benner MD Anderson Cancer Center faculty.
Collaboration Saves Lives: Managing irAEs is a
Omid Hamid, MD, and Grace Cherry, NP, share the importance of multidisciplinary care for patients with melanoma, how to best manage immunotherapy-related adverse events, and tips for developing trusting relationships with patients so that they feel comfortable reporting toxicities.
Airing Treatment Advances in Breast Cancer in New York
We traveled to Long Island, New York, for a State of the Science Summit™ on Breast Cancer, which featured insights from the NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center faculty.
Stephanie Graff, MD: Information Is Power for Patients With Breast Cancer
Stephanie L. Graff, MD, shared the importance of personalizing care for her patients with breast cancer, how she balances her professional and personal life, using the optimal voice on social media, and her vision for the future of breast cancer treatment.
Outlining Advances Made in Ovarian Cancer in Oklahoma City
We traveled to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for a State of the Science Summit™ on Ovarian Cancer, which featured insights from the Stephenson Cancer Center faculty.
Talking Tumors: Weill Cornell Medicine Experts Walk Through Challenging Breast Cancer Cases
Lisa Newman, MD, MPH, FACS, FASCO, and Alan B. Astrow, MD, discuss the need for systemic therapy in women with microinvasive triple-negative breast cancer and more intensive adjuvant therapy in women with intermediate-risk hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.
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