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The OncLive Business Management condition center page is a comprehensive resource for news and expert insights on business-focused updates and topics in oncology practices, including diversity efforts, telehealth, gaps in care, payment models, and more. This page features news articles, interviews in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on updates and best practices with oncology business management.

Digital Health and Process Improvements Enhance Community-Based Patient Care

October 20th 2021

A marked reduction in hospitalizations and emergency department visits are key metrics for value-based care programs. Quality improvement processes and electronic patient management systems may give practices a way to fully embrace these programs and remain mindful of cost while ensuring that patients receive high-quality care.

Find the Job That’s Right for You

October 11th 2021

The American Society of Clinical Oncology projects significant shortages of practicing oncologists compared with patients with new cancer diagnoses and existing cancer by 2025.

Oncology Fellows Derive the Greatest Benefit From Advanced Research Training

October 10th 2021

Aimed at growing the translational workforce, most hubs offer different accelerated advanced degree opportunities to oncology trainees, such as master’s degrees in clinical and/or translational research, or graduate certificates.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a New Fellow

October 7th 2021

Jill Gilbert, MD, discusses overcoming imposter syndrome in fellowship.

Questions Loom for the Adequacy of Peer Review in Oncology

October 4th 2021

There has been limited discussion in the cancer literature for how peer review among the multiple oncology journals and international cancer conferences is conducted.

Untangling Fact From Bias in the Age of Social Media and Mistrust

September 2nd 2021

It is difficult to overstate the confusion associated with our nation’s messaging regarding a well-considered, rational, and scientifically based public health–focused approach to the current and future ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gymnastics Makes Me a Better Oncologist

September 2nd 2021

Valentina Baez Sosa, MD, shares how her early life experiences in gymnastics and coaching have helped her become a better hematology/oncology physician.

Taking Back Our Empathy: Reflections on a New Model of Medical Education

August 31st 2021

Bharat Sanders sheds light on how patient-centered medical education put him behind the eyes of the patient and fundamentally changed the way he practices medicine.

Success Beyond Science: Becoming a Hematologist/Oncologist

August 22nd 2021

The ability to reflect and boldly choose a professional identity should be discussed, encouraged, and nurtured in every individual.

ASCO Roadmap Provides Path Forward for Clinician Well-Being

August 20th 2021

A collaborative initiative between the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Medical Association has the goal of improving well-being and reducing burnout by leveraging a quality improvement framework and model.

Challenges Arise as Public Health and Scientific Communication Enters Uncharted Territory

July 28th 2021

It is difficult to dispute that these are troubling times for government officials and public health agencies.

Biosimilars Gain Traction, Generate Savings

July 26th 2021

The use of oncology biosimilars has expanded rapidly in the United States during the past 2 years as providers embraced a growing armamentarium of new products, according to findings from real-world data reported at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

Community-Based Programs Have the Power to Remove Clinical Trial Barriers

July 20th 2021

Homogeneous trials present a missed opportunity to discover treatments that might be highly successful in a particular subset of patients.

Advanced Practice Providers Are Poised to Boost Community Involvement in Clinical Trials

July 19th 2021

For those in the community setting, several barriers to clinical research prevent advanced care providers and their patients from taking part in experimental therapies.

Gaps Persist in Understanding the Fundamentals of Informed Consent

July 14th 2021

Within the hierarchy of clinical trials, phase 3 randomized studies remain the gold standard, though some argue that appropriately designed meta-analysis of multiple studies provides even more definitive and meaningful insight.

New Toolkit Aims to Help Employers Address Cancer Treatment

July 8th 2021

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has launched a digital initiative to provide strategic approaches specifically geared toward employers who need to navigate a diagnosis of cancer among their staff.

Scientific Communication Requires a Course Correction

July 2nd 2021

The overall picture related to COVID-19 in the Unites States is encouraging, and we might suspect that the American public would be relatively united with favorable views of efforts of public health officials and organizations at the national, state, and local levels to successfully control this terrible event and return us to our prepandemic state.

Lee-Kim on Fostering a Fulfilling Fellowship in Oncology

June 28th 2021

Dr. Lee-Kim discusses her path into treating pediatric patients with cancer, key lessons that can be learned during fellowship, and tips on managing finances and burnout during a pediatric oncology fellowship program.

Patient Experiences Can Affect a Practice’s Financial Health

June 21st 2021

The patient experience is a critical factor in the success of any healthcare practice, and its importance is increasing with the rise of health care consumerism.

Multiple Factors Contribute to Disparities in Health and Cancer Outcomes

June 18th 2021

The issue of disparities in cancer is multifactorial, as it can cover not only race, ethnic, and cultural issues, but also gender identification.