Brittany Lovely


Dabrafenib Plus Trametinib Provides Benefit Across Glioma Subtypes

April 12th 2021

Dual inhibition of the MAPK pathway using the BRAF and MEK inhibitors dabrafenib and trametinib, respectively, resulted in durable clinical benefit for patients with BRAF V600E mutant low- and high-grade glioma.

Future Is Wide Open for HER2+ Breast Cancer

April 12th 2021

As longer-term follow-up data become available for several agents approved for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer, investigators are looking closely at the characteristics of patients enrolled in those clinical trials to determine appropriate treatment strategies in the third-line setting and beyond.

Experts Take Stock of New CNS Data for HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

March 18th 2021

Findings from recent analyses have kindled hope that novel agents with manageable toxicity profiles may begin to bridge the gap for patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

Personalizing HER2-Targeted Treatment Strategies in Early-Stage and Advanced Breast Cancer

March 5th 2021

Debu Tripathy, MD, discusses some of the unanswered clinical questions that remain for patients with HER2-positive disease and some strategies for personalizing treatment in the neoadjuvant and adjuvant settings.

CONFIRM Data Push Nivolumab into Treatment Landscape for Relapsed Mesothelioma

January 30th 2021

January 30, 2021 - Data from the phase 3 CONFIRM trial support single-agent nivolumab as an effective treatment approach for patients with previously treated malignant mesothelioma.

HER2-Directed Antibody-Drug Conjugates May Carve Out a Place in NSCLC Landscape

January 21st 2021

The current standard of care for patients with non–small cell lung cancer does not include therapies targeting HER2, a mutation that occurs in up to 4% of cases. However, data from recent studies of antibody-drug conjugates directed at HER2 activity are generating excitement about the potential utility of ADCs in this space.

Boehringer Ingelheim Looks to Expand Targeted Therapies Portfolio

January 5th 2021

January 5, 2020 - Boehringer Ingelheim will add to its cancer cell-directed therapies portfolio with the acquisition of NBE-Therapeutics, the developer of NBE-002, an anti-ROR1 antibody-drug conjugate.

AI-Based Analysis Enhances Prediction of Best Responders for Trastuzumab Deruxtecan

December 11th 2020

December 11, 2020 - Use of a novel HER2 quantitative continuous score was better able to provide an objective and quantitative assessment of HER2 expression to identify patients who are most likely to respond to fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki.

Ublituximab/Umbralisib Outperforms Chemoimmunotherapy in Patients with CLL

December 7th 2020

December 7, 2020 — The combination of ublituximab and umbralisib, 2 novel compounds targeting CD20 and PI3Kδ, respectively, has shown synergistic activity in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia compared with standard of care chemoimmunotherapy irrespective of prior treatment.

Novel CAR Engineering Overcomes Resistance in Large B-Cell Lymphoma With CD58 Loss

December 5th 2020

December 5, 2020 - Engineering chimeric antigen receptors T cells to overcome CD58 loss may provide a path forward for patients with large B-cell lymphomas who do not respond to treatment with immunotherapy.