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NCCN Releases COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance for Patients With Cancer

January 22nd 2021

All patients with active cancer, or with active, recent, or planned cancer treatment, should be considered highest priority to receive one of the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccines that have been granted emergency use authorization from the FDA.

Expert Gives Nod to COVID-19 Vaccines for Patients With Cancer

January 22nd 2021

David Cohn, MD, discusses how to approach COVID-19 vaccination in patients with cancer.

Pandemic Inspires New Outreach Program

January 19th 2021

As oncologists, we are here to help patients and their families as much as we can. That is why we went into cancer medicine. It is what we do every day. Until the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic knocked on our doors.

Pharma Innovation Is Saving the World

January 18th 2021

Before New Year’s Day, millions of Americans had received the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine, including frontline physicians and health care providers and nursing home patients, our most vulnerable citizens.

COVID-19 Pandemic Restructures Care in CLL

January 12th 2021

As the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic continues to pose challenges, health care providers struggle with decisions on how to balance the risk of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 transmission with the need to treat patients’ underlying conditions.

Dr. Campbell on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in RCC

January 8th 2021

Matthew T. Campbell, MD, MS, discusses the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in renal cell carcinoma.

Struggling With COVID-19 on the Cancer Floor

December 29th 2020

For the population of hospitalized patients with cancer, many of whom who have not contracted the disease, COVID-19 has real, immediate consequences; the pandemic has radically altered their end-of-life care.

Creating the In-Person Experience on a Virtual Platform

December 25th 2020

The coronavirus disease 2019 crisis has changed all aspects of medical education but perhaps altered clinical education most dramatically.

FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization to Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

December 19th 2020

December 18, 2020 - The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization to the second vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 infection.

FDA Advisory Committee Votes in Favor of COVID-19 Vaccine mRNA-1273

December 17th 2020

December 17, 2020 - The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee has voted 20-0 with 1 abstention to support the benefit-risk profile associated with the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine mRNA-1273.