COVID-19 | Specialty

Research Efforts in HER2+ Breast Cancer Pick Up Speed Despite COVID-19

April 9th 2021

Jane L. Meisel, MD, discusses sequencing questions, tucatinib combinations under exploration, and emerging strategies for use in the treatment of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

COVID-19 Jumpstarts RNA Cancer Vaccine Field

April 8th 2021

The success of the COVID-19 vaccines based on messenger RNA has led to a surge of interest from investigators, pharmaceutical companies, and investors in similar technology for other diseases, including a number of oncology indications.

Matsen Spotlights Best Practices for Breast Cancer Surgery Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

April 7th 2021

The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic had a tremendous impact on the surgical care of patients with breast cancer; practice patterns needed to be rapidly adjusted to continue to safely provide care during a time when resources were very limited.

COVID-19 Has Lessons for Oncology Clinical Trials

April 5th 2021

The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic required that investigators, sponsors, and regulators adapt clinical trials to prioritize the safety of patients. Now momentum is gathering to make permanent the flexibilities introduced in regulations and procedures to improve access to clinical trials for patients with cancer.

Dr. Ip on the Utility of Investigational Treatments for COVID-19 in Oncology

March 31st 2021

Andrew Ip, MD, MS, discusses the utility of investigational treatments for COVID-19 in patients with cancer.

COVID-19 and Cancer Care: Lessons Learned 1 Year Later

March 31st 2021

From delayed diagnoses, to the emergence of telemedicine, to managing the increased emotional burden experienced by patients and healthcare professionals alike, the community has been forced to approach cancer care in ways they never had before in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Au on the Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care

March 29th 2021

Lewis Au, MBBS, BMedSci, FRACP, discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had and will continue to have on cancer care.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Have Long-Term Impact on Oncology Practices

March 29th 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic created new patient care challenges in oncology, such as how to reduce risks of virus exposure for patients who may be immunocompromised and switching from in-person visits to telemedicine.

Dr. del Rio on the Reactogenicity of the COVID-19 Vaccines

March 24th 2021

Carlos del Rio, MD, discusses the reactogenicity of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Ip on Remaining Questions With the COVID-19 Vaccine in Oncology

March 23rd 2021

Andrew Ip, MD, MS, discusses remaining questions with the COVID-19 vaccine in patients with cancer.