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The OncLive Precision Medicine in Oncology® condition center page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on precision-focused approaches in patients with cancer, with gene-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitors and antibody-drug conjugates, checkpoint inhibitors, tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, and other tailored treatments. This page features news articles, interviews in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on updates and ongoing research with personalized therapies across solid and hematologic tumors.

FDA Greenlights Companion Diagnostic for Adjuvant Abemaciclib Plus Endocrine Therapy in High-Risk Early Breast Cancer

October 14th 2021

The FDA has approved the Ki-67 IHC MIB-1 pharmDx test to assist in determining which patients with early breast cancer who are at high risk of disease recurrence might benefit from adjuvant treatment with abemaciclib plus endocrine therapy.

Gordan on Growing the Infrastructure for In-House Genomic Testing

October 14th 2021

Dr. Gordan discusses the advantages of in-house genomic testing, the transition from external to internal sequencing, and the anticipated effects of the move.

Novel Drug Sparks Hope for Targeting HER3 in NSCLC and Beyond

October 11th 2021

Patritumab deruxtecan, a novel antibody-drug conjugate, is emerging as a promising HER3-directed therapy in patients with non–small cell lung cancer and perhaps other solid malignancies.

Addressing AYA Cancer Requires a Tailored Approach to Practice

October 8th 2021

Investigators have expanded the scientific understanding of cancer in the adolescent young adult patient population over the past decade. However, unmet needs remain in establishing treatment standards, addressing unique survivorship challenges, and providing a framework for patients to reference as they navigate their cancer journey.

Key Advances Showcase the Potential of Precision Medicine in NSCLC

October 5th 2021

The sustainability of next-generation sequencing will be dependent on the implementation of thorough informatics and infrastructure that can support the integration of genomic results into electronic medical records.

FDA Approval Insights: Amivantamab and Mobocertinib in EGFR Exon 20 Insertion+ NSCLC

October 4th 2021

Dr. Patel discusses the role of biomarker testing in lung cancer, the FDA approvals of amivantamab and mobocertinib in EGFR exon 20 insertion–positive NSCLC, and future research directions in this subset of lung cancer.

Genomically Guided Radiation Dosing in Oncology: Ready for Prime Time?

September 30th 2021

Dr. Scott and Dr. Torres-Roca discuss their research of a pooled retrospective analysis exploring genomic-adjusted radiation dose–based radiation therapy in solid tumors and what using genomics to guide radiation dosing decisions could mean for oncology practices.

Dr. Goy on the Importance of Refined Decision Making With Precision Medicine

September 20th 2021

Andre H. Goy, MD, discusses the importance of refined decision making with precision medicine.

Dr. Marshall on the Importance of Molecular Profiling When Utilizing Precision Medicine

September 20th 2021

John L. Marshall, MD, discusses the importance of molecular profiling when utilizing precision medicine.

Dr. Levy on Overcoming Osimertinib Resistance in EGFR-Mutant NSCLC

September 20th 2021

Benjamin P. Levy, MD, discusses potential strategies to overcome resistance to osimertinib in EGFR-mutant non–small cell lung cancer. 

cLOD May Provide More Accurate Evaluation of Cell-Free DNA in Multi-Cancer Early Detection

September 19th 2021

Clinical limit of detection may be a reasonable metric for evaluating cell-free DNA for multi-cancer early detection.

Goy Taps Into the True Potential of Precision Medicine in Oncology

September 18th 2021

Current approaches to precision medicine in oncology have been fruitful, but require better integration and utilization of available resources to inform sustainable and effective drug development and clinical care, according to Andre Goy, MD.

Neel on Maximizing Research Strides in Oncology

September 16th 2021

Dr. Neel discusses the momentum of molecularly-driven research and treatment strategies in oncology, the continuation of current research trends, and potential future directions throughout the field.

FDA Greenlights Companion Diagnostic for Mobocertinib in EGFR Exon 20 Insertion+ NSCLC

September 16th 2021

The FDA has granted premarket approval to the Oncomine Dx Target Test for use as a companion diagnostic to identify patients with non–small cell lung cancer whose tumors harbor EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations who may be eligible to receive the newly approved small molecule TKI mobocertinib.

Mobocertinib Plus T-DM1 Elicits Preclinical Activity in HER2 Exon 20 Insertion+ Lung Cancer Models

September 13th 2021

Mobocertinib plus ado-trastuzumab emtansine demonstrated inhibitory effects in HER2 exon 20 insertion–mutated lung cancer cell lines.

ESMO Publishes Guidelines for the Management of Solid Tumor Brain Metastases

September 7th 2021

The European Association of Neuro-Oncology and ESMO have released clinical practice guidelines, which provide management recommendations for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with solid tumor brain metastases.

Genomic-Adjusted Radiation Dose Is Associated With First Recurrence and Survival in Solid Tumors

September 3rd 2021

Genomic-adjusted radiation dose demonstrated a significant association with time to first recurrence and overall survival in patients with certain solid tumors who had been treated with radiation therapy, indicating that genomics should be used to guide radiation dosing decisions.

Dr. Torres-Roca on Optimizing Radiation Therapy With GARD-Based Dosing in Oncology

August 30th 2021

Javier Torres-Roca, MD, discusses optimizing radiation therapy with genomic-adjusted radiation dose–based radiotherapy dosing in oncology.

Dr. Scott on the Incorporation of GARD-Based Radiotherapy Dosing in Oncology

August 30th 2021

Jacob G. Scott, MD, DPhil, discusses the incorporation of genomic-adjusted radiation dose–based radiotherapy dosing in oncology.

ALK Inhibitor Success Prompts Search for a Role Beyond NSCLC

August 25th 2021

The rapid development of novel agents directed at anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene fusions has emerged as one of the success stories of the targeted therapy era in non–small cell lung cancer