Schilsky and Gralow Share Advice for ASCO Leadership and Therapeutic Equity in Cancer


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Dr. Schilsky highlights key milestones in his career with ASCO, Dr. Gralow speaks to the short- and long-term goals she plans to accomplish in her new role at ASCO, and both speak to their thoughts on the future of cancer care.

Welcome to a very special edition of OncLive On Air! I’m your host today, Gina Mauro.

OncLive On Air is a podcast from OncLive, which provides oncology professionals with the resources and information they need to provide the best patient care. In both digital and print formats, OncLive covers every angle of oncology practice, from new technology to treatment advances to important regulatory decisions.  

But today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with 2 incredible leaders in oncology: Richard Schilsky, MD, and Julie Gralow, MD, FACP, FASCO. Schilsky very recently retired from his role as chief medical officer and executive vice president of ASCO after being in this position for 8 years. 

Then, on February 15, 2021 the position was assumed by Dr. Gralow, who was professor of medical oncology and director of breast medical oncology at the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

In 2 separate exclusive interviews, we spoke with both Dr. Schilsky and Dr. Gralow on this change in leadership—highlights of Dr. Schilsky’s career with ASCO, Dr. Gralow’s short- and long-term goals in her new role, and both their thoughts on the future of cancer care. 

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