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FDA Authorizes Marketing of First AI Device to Detect Signs of Colon Cancer

April 12th 2021

The FDA has authorized the marketing of the first device that utilizes artificial intelligence based on machine learning to help clinicians detect lesions like polyps or suspected tumors in the colon in real time during a colonoscopy.

Dr. Basu-Mallick on Established and Emerging Biomarker-Directed Therapies in CRC

April 7th 2021

Atrayee Basu-Mallick, MD, highlights established and emerging biomarker-directed therapies in colorectal cancer.

FDA Approves New Cetuximab Dose in KRAS Wild-Type, EGFR-Expressing CRC, Head and Neck Cancer

April 7th 2021

The FDA has approved a new biweekly dosing regimen of 500 mg/m2 as a 120-minute intravenous infusion for cetuximab (Erbitux) for patients with KRAS wild-type, EGFR-expressing colorectal cancer or squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.

Dr. Dasari on Eligibility Criteria for the FRESCO-2 trial With Fruquintinib in CRC

April 5th 2021

Nageshwara Arvind Dasari, MD, discusses the eligibility criteria for the phase 3 FRESCO-2 trial, which examined the use of fruquintinib in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

ctDNA Scratches the Surface in Colorectal Cancer

April 5th 2021

Axel Grothey, MD, discusses the potential applications for ctDNA in CRC and shed light on the updated analysis from the pivotal IMbrave150 trial in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma.

Dr. Philip Spotlights Ongoing Research Efforts in CRC

April 2nd 2021

Tony Philip, MD, discusses research efforts underway in colorectal cancer.

DNX-2440 Shows Promise in CRC and Other Cancers With Liver Metastasis as Phase 1 Trial Begins

April 2nd 2021

Investigation into a novel oncolytic adenovirus as a treatment option for patients with colorectal cancer and other cancers with liver metastasis is underway.

Applying Aggressive Therapy to Treat mCRC Up Front

April 2nd 2021

The rationale for treating select patients with metastatic colorectal cancer with intensive therapy in the first-line setting vs waiting until disease progression.

Colorectal Cancer in a Younger Population

April 2nd 2021

Cathy Eng, MD, FACP, FASCO, of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center reacts to the increasing rate of colorectal cancer among the younger population and highlights topics that apply specifically to counseling younger patients.

Dr. Eng on the Rising Incidence of Early-Onset CRC

April 1st 2021

Cathy Eng, MD, FACP, FASCO, discusses the rising incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer.