Lisa Schulmeister MN, RN, FAAN


Do Supplements Help Prevent Cancer?

November 12th 2013

A systematic review finds limited evidence of benefit.

ASCO's Top 5 Oncology List

November 7th 2013

Goal is to identify tests and treatments of little to no benefit.

Clinical Trial Enrollment

October 29th 2013

Recommendations issued by the NCI and ASCO.

The Other Cancer Survivors

October 28th 2013

It's been well established now that cancer survivorship begins on the day of diagnosis. Despite the positive spin that this presents for patients, families, friends, and coworkers, most people still associate cancer survivorship with completing treatment and getting on with life.

Watson to the Rescue

October 23rd 2013

IBM's computer will be used to identify effective cancer care.

Chemotherapy Residue on the Checkout Desk?

October 14th 2013

Occupational exposure to hazardous drugs is a known risk of working in settings in which these drugs are administered.

Redheads and Melanoma

October 7th 2013

Underlying mechanism for increased risk now defined.

Depression Screening

September 30th 2013

Two question survey works as well as longer surveys.

Distress Assessment

September 25th 2013

Researchers find that patients are not referred for supportive care services.

Cancer Care is in Crisis Mode

September 18th 2013

The IOM makes 10 recommendations for improving care.

Toxicity Clinics

September 12th 2013

Found to be helpful for patients with head and neck cancer.

The Affordable Care Act: What Nurses Need to Know

September 5th 2013

A hot topic of discussion at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in June was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often referred to as the ACA) and what it means for the future of oncology care in the United States.

Revised HIPAA Regulations

August 27th 2013

Healthcare providers have until September 23, 2013 to comply.

New Phase III Trial

August 19th 2013

PACES trial will evaluate 2 drugs to prevent colon adenomas.

The High Cost of Smoking

August 13th 2013

Employers bear a large number of costs.

Focus Under Fortyâ„¢ Courses

July 29th 2013

The aim of these courses is to improve the care of patients aged 15-39.

Oropharyngeal Cancer

July 23rd 2013

More is now known about the types of HPV that increase risk.

Chemotherapy Residue on the Check-out Desk?

July 17th 2013

Yes, it's been found there and on other surprising surfaces.

ANA Creates Safe Patient Handling Standards

July 9th 2013

Standards established by an interprofessional workgroup.

A Weighty Issue: Obesity and Cancer Risk

June 27th 2013

It is no surprise that increasing rates of obesity are linked to increasing cancer incidence, but what is interesting is just how bad things are now, and how bad they are predicted to become in the years ahead.