Marcia Frellick


Collaboration in Groups Improves Care, Averts Pay Cuts

December 24th 2014

Urologists who are members of LUGPA are doing the right thing by being part of large group practices.

Large Groups Are Positioned Well in New Healthcare Arena

December 17th 2014

While Laszewski said the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is driving many of the changes, may end up being altered, he doesn't expect the program to be disbanded due to the political shift in legislative power.

To Succeed, Urology Practices Must Change With the Times

November 25th 2014

Entrepreneur James Feldman, chief innovation officer of the Chicago-based company Shift Happens!, calls himself "a doctor for business."

Government Come to Call? How to Protect Your Practice

November 25th 2014

Urologists hear quite a bit about risk from the legislative and regulatory angles.

Leading Community Urology Practices Through Change: Hospital Administrator Outlines a Series of Key Strategies

January 30th 2014

Changing that model will be difficult and disruptive, Becker said, but recognizing the size of the change and developing a plan for managing it will be keys to success in large urology group practices.

Hospital Acquisition Avoidable for Urology Practices

January 22nd 2014

Many community-based medical practices are being acquired these days by hospitals that are working to build a steady stream of patients and grow market share.

Urologists Encouraged to Embrace Risk-Based Budgeting

January 14th 2014

As fee-for-service models dwindle under healthcare reform, new reimbursement models based on risk are emerging.