Marissa Murtaugh


Poster Session Highlights: 12th International Lung Cancer Congress

November 21st 2011

A highlight of 3 poster sessions from the 12th International Lung Cancer Congress on August 12, 2011 in Carlsbad, CA.

Weighing the Risk Versus Benefits of Transthoracic Needle Biopsies in Lung Cancer

August 2nd 2011

A new study found that biopsies of lung nodules found during a CT scan may be unnecessary and dangerous.

FDA Advised Not to Approve Dapagliflozin for Diabetes

July 20th 2011

A panel voted 9-6 advising the FDA not to approve dapagliflozin, a diabetes drug that forces the body to dump sugar.

BOLERO-2 Halted After Positive Interim Analysis

July 13th 2011

A phase III study of Afinitor (everolimus) tablets combined with exemestane in women with breast cancer revealed that the regime significantly extended PFS.

Childhood Cancer Survivors at Increased Risk of Developing Subsequent Cancers

July 5th 2011

A study published last week has identified new cancer risks for childhood cancer survivors.

FDA Mandates Graphic Cigarette Label Warnings

June 21st 2011

In an effort to draw attention to the dangers of tobacco, the FDA has mandated the inclusion of graphic warnings to cigarette packs and advertisements.

Scientists Pioneer Technology to Detect More Chromosomal Aberrations in Cancer Tumors

June 14th 2011

The investigators developed a computer tool that is dramatically better for finding genetic missteps that promote cancer.

Searching for Sharper Images in Breast Screenings

June 13th 2011

Breast imaging technology has evolved in recent years, and although the mammogram remains the gold standard for screening, researchers are excited about the possibilities of molecular breast imaging

Canine DNA Yields Clues to Human Lymphomas

June 3rd 2011

Researchers at North Carolina State University used canines as genetic models for studying lymphomas

Vemurafenib Leads the Pack in new Melanoma Drugs, Research to be Presented at ASCO

May 31st 2011

Melanoma is now being treated with drugs and new treatment regimes that have shown great promise

Among Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer, Study Finds Smoking, Not Moderate Alcohol Use, Increases Risk of Common Cancers

May 18th 2011

A prospective study analyzed the risk of contracting common cancers based on baseline self-reporting data on smoking, alcohol use, and physical activity

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Promising

May 18th 2011

A dendritic cell vaccine under development may increase median survival time in patients with glioblastoma

Roche Files Vemurafenib for Regulatory Approval

May 17th 2011

Vemurafenib works by selectively targeting and inhibiting a mutated form of the BRAF protein found in about half of all cases of melanoma

Oncolytic Viruses Target Pancreatic Stem Cells

May 10th 2011

Oncolytic viruses have the potential of killing cancer stem cells, particularly in cases of potentially fatal pancreatic cancer

FDA Accepts BLA Filings for Lymphoma Treatments

May 3rd 2011

Seattle Genetics, Inc announced on Monday that the FDA has accepted filings for two Biologics License Applications for bretuximab vedotin

FDA Grants NKTR-102 Orphan Drug Status for Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

April 26th 2011

Nektar Therapeutics announced that its oncology drug candidate, NKTR-102, has been granted orphan drug status

Siddhartha Mukherjee Wins Pulitzer

April 19th 2011

Siddhartha Mukherjee's acclaimed book, The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, has won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in the general nonfiction category

FDA Panel Unanimously Supports Use of Everolimus in Pancreatic Cancer

April 12th 2011

After much anticipation the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee has returned a verdict on Novartis' everolimus (Afinitor)

Taking Measures to Prevent Breast Cancer

April 5th 2011

A team of researchers explored the use of drugs in terms of breast cancer prevention strategies

Follow Up Treatment With Tamoxifen

March 29th 2011

Tamoxifen, a common drug used to treat breast cancer, works by blocking the effect of estrogen on tumor cells.