Tara Petersen


Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment Options Are Growing

March 25th 2016

During the past several years, a wealth of positive clinical trials coupled with an evolution in understanding of neuroendocrine tumors has altered the treatment landscape.

Studies Mark Progress Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

March 15th 2016

The antibody–drug conjugate sacituzumab govitecan (IMMU-132) received a breakthrough therapy designation based on phase II trial data showing a response rate of 31% in heavily pretreated patients with metastatic TNBC. However, treatment advances are lagging behind those seen in other breast cancer phenotypes.

Experts Grapple With Nuances of Navigating New Frontier in Melanoma

January 13th 2016

Questions remain in terms of how to optimally sequence and/or combine both targeted agents and immunotherapies in melanoma.

Emerging Agents Poised to Advance Soft Tissue Sarcoma Care

November 17th 2015

With scores of subtypes and a paucity of molecular markers, soft tissue sarcoma remains a complex and challenging tumor type to treat yet significant strides being made in the field are likely to alter the therapeutic paradigm.

How EGFR and PD-1 Pathway Agents May Change Lung Cancer Care

September 17th 2015

As new targeted and immunologic agents are introduced for patients with lung cancer, clinicians have more factors to consider than ever before when developing treatment plans for their patients.

Shifting the Risk-Benefit Ratio in CRC With Molecular Subtyping

August 16th 2015

Recent evidence has shed some light on the prognostic value of microsatellite instability and the potential benefit of checkpoint inhibition in colorectal cancer.

Case Studies Offer Window Into Evolving Prostate Cancer Paradigm

July 9th 2015

Although guideline organizations have now incorporated the results of major clinical trials into treatment paradigms, much controversy remains over how best to sequence therapies in prostate cancer.