CTOS Annual Meeting | Conference

Dr. Catton on Omitting Radiation Therapy in Sarcoma

January 25th 2017

Charles Catton, MD, professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto, discusses the notion of omitting radiation therapy in the treatment of patients with extremity sarcoma.

Efforts Continue to Expand Immunotherapy Impact in Sarcoma

January 12th 2017

Researchers are hoping the immunotherapy revolution occurring across several cancer types will extend to the field of sarcoma.

Expert Discusses Factors Associated With Local Control in Ewing Sarcoma

January 9th 2017

According to Dimosthenis Andreou, MD, patients with pelvic Ewing sarcoma have poorer local control and poorer overall survival.

Immunotherapy Agents Emerging as Key Players in Sarcoma

December 16th 2016

Excitement continues to surround the potential role of immunotherapy agents in the treatment of patients with sarcoma, according to Breelyn Wilky, MD.

Expert Praises Predictive Role of Radiomics in Sarcoma

December 15th 2016

Several challenges remain in the treatment landscape of soft tissue sarcoma, a disease whose diagnosis can range from one that is quite indolent for patients, to a more life-threatening, metastatic, aggressive cancer.

TRC105/Pazopanib Combo Shows Promising Antitumor Activity in Advanced Angiosarcoma

December 15th 2016

The combination of TRC105, an endoglin antibody, and pazopanib demonstrated promising antitumor activity in patients with advanced angiosarcoma

Pembrolizumab Antitumor Activity Promises Potential for Sarcoma Subtypes

November 15th 2016

Pembrolizumab reduced the size of tumors in patients with a subtype of soft tissue sarcoma, according to updated interim results from the phase II SARC028, multicenter clinical trial, which were reported at the most recent meeting of the Connective Tissue Oncology Society in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr. Sankhala on the TRC105/Pazopanib Combination in Angiosarcoma

November 12th 2016

Kumar Sankhala, MD, medical director of Clinical Research, Sarcoma Oncology Center, discusses results of a recent trial looking at the combination of endoglin antibody TRC105 and pazopanib in patients with advanced angiosarcoma.

Dr. Albertsmeier on the Effect of Radiation on Local Recurrence and OS in Soft Tissue Sarcoma

November 10th 2016

Markus Albertsmeier, MD, surgeon, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, discusses a a meta-analysis of the effect of radiation therapy on local recurrence and overall survival in patients with soft tissue sarcoma.