The Quirky Way Physicians Are Paid

Andrew L. Pecora, MD
Published: Sunday, Oct 29, 2017
Andrew L. Pecora, MD

Andrew L. Pecora, MD
Many physicians contend that what they receive for a unit of service is less than what is needed to remain in business and has not kept pace with inflation over the past decade. In community oncology, the complexity and cost of therapy and therapy administration have caused the cost of delivering a service to rise disproportionately relative to actual payment. This problem is exacerbated by how payment is received. Unlike a hospital with a diverse revenue stream and the ability to offset losses through charitable donations and other services, a private practice—particularly an oncology practice—is on a razor’s edge because of the high cost of new therapies, the salaries for administration and support staff (pharmacists, technologists, and nurses), costs for facilities and equipment (hoods and chairs), and billing.
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