April 2012 | Oncology Fellows

Organizing a Fellows' Career Day

April 15, 2012

Everybody is aware that career choices in oncology abound these days. But when you ask fellows what job they are interested in once they complete their fellowship, many just don't know-even in their third year.

Cloud Computing for Fellows

April 15, 2012

Cloud computing refers to Web-based programs that allow the user to store information in a central location, typically not the device being used to access the information (such as your laptop, desktop PC, or iPad).

Providing Oncology Services in Impoverished Countries

April 15, 2012

Many of us training in the United States have encountered patients and their families from resource-limited regions of the world-families who have uprooted themselves for the chance to save the lives of their children diagnosed with cancer.

When Patients Refuse Treatment for Their Cancer

April 15, 2012

Quoting statistics seemed to be a refuge to me. The objectivity of the numbers provided a hiding place and a shelter, and they helped me maintain the emotional distance that my profession demanded.