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As genetic testing becomes increasingly available, there will be a growing gap between the wide availability of testing and the relative importance of results to treatment decisions.
Videos from the 5th International Adrenal Cancer Conference
Young women with breast cancer may decline, discontinue tamoxifen because of fertility concerns.
While diagnostic tests play a critical role in physician decision making-particularly in oncology-questions remain regarding the clinical utility of some of these tests, as well as the validity of laboratory-developed tests.
Daniel Hayes, MD, was recently elected president of ASCO. OncLive sat down with him for a Q&A.
Despite being discovered more than 150 years ago, tumor cells present in the blood of patients with cancer are only now inspiring significant research efforts. Technological advancements have allowed the isolation and enrichment of these rare cells and, as potential metastatic "emissaries," they have significant potential for improving the detection and treatment of advanced and possibly even early-stage disease.
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