Checking in With You

Looking back and examining previous lessons from the Yoga Blog.

In our previous blog, we practiced a simple asana together. Were you able to learn the poses to your satisfaction? Was the sequence easy to follow? Please share with us your experience. There is no right or wrong to what you experience.

Yoga asanas help our physical bodies (annamaya kosha), our energy bodies (pranamaya kosha), and our mental bodies (manomaya kosha). Let’s review how our asana helped you. After practicing the asana, what did you feel in your physical body? Did your muscles feel stretched? Did your joints feel open? Note any physical feelings that you experienced.

How did your energy body feel after completing the asana sequence? Did you feel refreshed, calm, connected? Ponder your response to your practice.

What did you feel in your mental body? Similar to learning any physical activity, learning a yoga asana requires us to watch the video and perform the pose at the same time. Once you learned the sequence, the mind tells the body what to do, and the poses become natural. Yoga asanas help us to focus the mind, thereby calming us. Reflect on your mental state once you learned the sequence.

Over time, yoga helps our two remaining bodies, our intelligent/intuitive body (vijnanamaya kosha) and our bliss body (anandamaya kosha). Let’s continue our practice together, exploring the inner and outer landscapes of our lives. We look forward to sharing our practice together!