Adjuvant Dabrafenib/Trametinib for BRAF+ Melanoma - Episode 2

COMBI-AD: Implications for Melanoma Patients


Reinhard Dummer, MD: The data of the COMBI-AD study are really a breakthrough. We will definitely use this combination for many, or most, BRAF-mutated patients after completion of surgery. The impact on major outcome is significant, so it’s very relevant. For us, this means that we will do molecular testing in every patient at stage 3. We will advise the patients how to start the treatment. It’s important that the patients know what the major adverse events are, and the major problem for this patient population is pyrexia—fever reactions. The best way to deal with this is to interrupt treatment early, wait until the fever is completely gone, and then restart. And in many patients, it will stay away. And then the tolerability is actually really good to excellent. Some patients really don’t even notice that they are on the medication. So, I think the quality of life will be very reasonable during this type of treatment.

The COMBI-AD study now offers a new treatment option for patients at a very high risk, and I’m sure that it will be accepted positively by the community.

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