Pinpointing Primary Tumor Type and Mutations Improves Outcomes - Episode 7

Cost Effectiveness of Gene Expression Testing

Novel drug therapies are effective, but expensive, states Suresh S. Ramalingam, MD. Using appropriate gene expression technology can help control costs by helping determine which treatments are most likely to work for that individual. Testing the appropriate patient population is important, so that potential mutations or targets are not missed, says Ramalingam. Individualizing care with targeted drugs may prolong survival, improve quality of life, and result in fewer hospitalizations and adverse events, adds Ramalingam.

The bioT3 platform, which includes CancerTREATMENT ID and CancerTYPE ID, helps determine cancer type in patients with an unknown or unclear diagnosis and was designed to try and control cost, notes F. Anthony Greco, MD. The tests are currently available at no-cost to Medicare beneficiaries, adds Greco. While molecular tests are becoming less expensive, testing for a growing number of mutations confers higher costs and increases the time required to obtain results, says Greco.