Prostate Cancer: Practice Management - Episode 5

Deciding Treatment Options for Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

As the primary purveyors of prostate cancer treatment, urologists need to ensure their practices are set up to guide patients from diagnosis to treatment. The challenge of identifying the appropriate patients for early treatment remains an issue that needs addressed in many practices.

Neal D. Shore, MD, is excited about the possible addition of new biomarkers to the traditional set of parameters, such as biopsy and digital rectal exam. Shore believes that the utilization biopsy samples for cell cycle gene sequences will aid in patient selection, active surveillance eligibility, and determining the aggressiveness of therapy.

Once the correct patient is selected, the challenge becomes choosing from the plethora of options for localized therapy. Moderator, Raoul S. Concepcion, MD, and Shore agree that a large integrated group model is likely the best approach for selecting the most appropriate therapy. The establishment of tumor boards and centers of excellence is essential to provide the best care for the patient in the most efficient and cost-effective way.