Dr. Azad on Remaining Challenges in CRC

Nilofer S​aba Azad, MD, discusses remaining challenges in colorectal cancer.

Nilofer S​aba Azad, MD, associate professor oncology, Johns Hopkins ​University School of Medicine, ​director, Developmental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Program, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, discusses remaining challenges in colorectal cancer (CRC).

Ongoing efforts are spotlighting the importance of ​cancer screening. As a result, progress is being made in lowering the incidence of CRC​, Azad explains.

Additionally, several regulatory approvals in the advanced disease setting ​have expanded the armamentarium after many years of stagnation, Azad says.

However, despite the addition of these newer agents, patients with advanced CRC continue to derive modest benefits from treatment. ​Although the survival advantage that these agents have demonstrated in the space is encouraging, additional research needs to be done to make CRC a chronic disease, concludes Azad.