Dr. Bradley Discusses Key Lung Cancer Topics

Dr. Jeffrey Bradley from Washington University School of Medicine Discusses Key Lung Cancer Topics

Jeffrey D. Bradley, MD, S. Lee Kling, associate professor, Radiation Oncology, chief, Thoracic Service, director, S. Lee Kling Center for Proton Therapy, Washington University School of Medicine, believes it is an exciting time in lung cancer.

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), also known as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR), is used to eradicate smaller lung cancers and other cancers as well. Groups have launched trials comparing SABR to illuminated lung resection.

Bradley expects a lot of changes will occur in stage I lung cancer. In systemic therapy the biology of lung cancer is beginning to be characterized which is resulting in multiple personalized therapies for a variety of different subtypes of lung cancer.

These topics, and more, were discussed at the 12th International Lung Cancer Congress and will continue to be discussed into the future.