Dr. Bunn on Targeting HER3 in NSCLC


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Paul A. Bunn, Jr MD, discusses potentially targeting HER3 in non–small cell lung cancer.

Paul A. Bunn, Jr MD, distinguished professor, James Dudley Chair in Lung Cancer Research, Division of Medical Oncology, University of Colorado Denver, and a 2014 Giant of Cancer Care® in Lung Cancer, discusses potentially targeting HER3 in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Recently, NRG1 fusions were identified as a molecular target that activates HER3, Bunn says. ​However, no agents have been approved yet to target NRG1 fusions in NSCLC.

However, the bispecific monoclonal antibody MCLA-128, that targets both HER2 and HER3, displayed promising preliminary results in patients with NSCLC, explains Bunn. 

​Currently, several agents including tarloxotinib are being evaluated for patients with NRG1 fusions and have demonstrated preclinical activity with acceptable safety profiles, Bunn concludes.

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