Dr Danish on the Use of SCINTIX Radiation Technology in Metastatic Bone and Lung Tumors


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Adnan F. Danish, MD, discusses the use of SCINTIX radiation technology in metastatic bone and lung tumors.

Adnan F. Danish, MD, radiation oncologist at John Theurer Cancer Center, Hackensack University Medical Center, chief, the Division of Radiation Oncology, St. Joseph’s Health, discusses the use of SCINTIX radiation technology in metastatic bone and lung tumors.

In February 2023, the FDA granted clearance to SCINTIX biology-guided radiotherapy for the treatment of patients with primary or metastatic lung and bone tumors. The technology is also cleared for intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), and stereotactic radiosurgery for all solid tumors.

SCINTIX represents a new way of treating patients, Danish begins. IMRT has had a defined role in the oncology treatment space, and SBRT has allowed patients to receive higher doses of radiation in a single session, he explains. SCINTIX represents an addition to these treatment modalities that allows for the use of the biology of a patient’s tumor to help guide treatment, Danish says. 

Just as PET imaging has changed the way patients are diagnosed and treated, this technology combines imaging with treatment to improve the delivery of standard-of-care IMRT and SBRT, he continues.

For tumors of the lung and bone that are active on a PET scan, it will now be possible to better deliver local treatment for those lesions, Danish continues. Additionally, it is now possible to combine multiple modalities in 1 setting to treat more than 1 tumor, which was not previously possible, he says. Clinicians can now use the tumor’s activity to focus the radiation, thus allowing for more accurate delivery of radiation, Danish concludes.

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