Dr. Evangelist on the Goals of the MYLUNG Consortium in Lung Cancer

Makenzi Evangelist, MD, discusses the goals of the MYLUNG Consortium in lung cancer.

Makenzi Evangelist, MD, medical oncologist and hematologist, New York Oncology Hematology, US Oncology Network, discusses the goals of the MYLUNG Consortium in lung cancer. 

Reports have emerged indicating that biomarker testing in the context of informing treatment decisions is underutilized in lung cancer, Evangelist says. To address this challenge, the MYLUNG Consortium was developed with the goal of collaborating with precision medicine companies to improve biomarker testing, Evangelist explains.

There are multiple phases of the MYLUNG Consortium, Evangelist continues. First, retrospective analyses look at patients across the US Oncology Network. This step showed that although most patients underwent at least 1 biomarker test, fewer than half underwent all relevant biomarker tests. This is despite the fact that comprehensive biomarker testing is recommended in this patient population, Evangelist concludes.

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