Dr. Farrington on the Importance of Patient Advocacy in CRC

Caroline Farrington, PhD, ​discusses the importance of patient advocacy in colorectal cancer.

Caroline Farrington, PhD, ​postdoctoral fellow, Narla lab, University of Michigan, discusses the importance of patient advocacy in colorectal cancer (CRC).

​Being diagnosed with CRC can be overwhelming ​for patients, says Farrington. Moreover, patients may be hesitant to ask questions ​about their care.

As such, it ​is necessary to empower patients to become more engaged ​in their treatment, explains Farrington. ​Additionally, patients should be reassured that they have input in the treatment selection process ​and, therefore, they should be well informed of their options.

Finally, ​a strong support system can allow patients to feel more comfortable during the time of diagnosis​. As such, institutions should have measures in place to accommodate patients who lack a support system, Farrington concludes.