Dr. Friedman on the Future of Selinexor in Multiple Myeloma

Robb S. Friedman, MD, discusses the future of selinexor in multiple myeloma.

Robb S. Friedman, MD, a hematologist and oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses the future of selinexor (Xpovio) in multiple myeloma.

With new advances, patients with multiple myeloma are living longer, says Friedman. The goal of treatment is to give every patient with cancer the best possible quality and duration of life. One way to make treatment more sustainable is to put patients on oral medications rather than an intravenous infusion or shot; this allows for patients to avoid coming to the clinic. They can spend that time saved with family and friends, says Friedman.

Selinexor is an incredible new therapy that will help patients with multiple myeloma, adds Friedman. The agent has not been out long and not every patient will respond to it; however, when a patient is responsive, they experience great responses, says Friedman. More data with the agent will be reported from the BOSTON and STOMP studies. Future research will examine the addition of selinexor to other lines of therapy in multiple myeloma and it will be moved up into earlier lines of treatment, concludes Friedman.