Dr. Hoos on the Ipilimumab Plus Dacarbazine Trial

Dr. Axel Hoos medical lead at bristol-myers squibb on the Ipilimumab Plus Dacarbazine Combination Trial

Axel Hoos, MD, PhD, the medical lead in Immunology/Oncology at Bristol-Myers Squibb, elaborates on the trial comparing ipilimumab (Yervoy) plus dacarbazine to dacarbazine plus placebo, labeled study 024. The results demonstrated a significant survival benefit for patients with previously untreated metastatic melanoma (primary endpoint of the trial was overall survival).

The FDA approval of ipilimumab in March included an indication for pretreated and untreated metastatic melanoma patients. The findings from this trial further support this indication solidifying ipilimumab's role as a first-line therapy in metastatic melanoma.

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