Dr. Hudson on the Utility of Liquid Biopsy in Lung Cancer

Kathryn E. Hudson, MD, discusses the utility of liquid biopsy in lung cancer.

Kathryn E. Hudson, MD, hematologist and oncologist, as well as the director of Survivorship for Texas Oncology, Texas Oncology, discusses the utility of liquid biopsy in lung cancer.

It is important to remember that liquid biopsy is a tool to use if the full picture of the molecular markers of the tumor are unavailable, says Hudson. Liquid biopsy can also be utilized if there are barriers to undergoing repeat biopsy or if an answer is needed quickly to start treatment in a patient. This is an option that could help inform the treatment of patients with lung cancer in a safe, and potentially faster, way, adds Hudson.

It is also important that community oncologists know that liquid biopsy is not just to look for EGFR T790M mutations; it has the ability to look for multiple molecular markers and mutations. Having this information could help make a difference in the treatment, and thus outcomes, of these patients, concludes.