Dr. Husain on Common Misconceptions in Lung Cancer

Hatim Husain, MD, discusses common misconceptions that still exist with regard to lung cancer.

Hatim Husain, MD, medical oncologist and assistant professor of medicine at Moores Cancer Center of the University of California, San Diego, discusses common misconceptions that still exist with regard to lung cancer.

With regard to lung cancer, it’s clear that many misconceptions still exist, Husain says. For example, one misconception is that smoking is the sole cause of this disease. It’s paramount for patients to remember that, oftentimes, the exact cause of lung cancer is unknown and everyone is susceptible to developing the pulmonary disease.

Another misconception is that only older adults are at risk of developing lung cancer. Husain shares that in recent years, he has treated several patients in their thirties who have developed the disease.

The idea that chemotherapy is the only treatment option available for use is yet another misconception, Husain adds. A whole arsenal of therapies are available to treat this patient population beyond chemotheapy, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy, Husain concludes.

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