Dr. Jain on the Use of Diagnostic Tracers in Prostate Cancer

Manoj K. Jain, MD, discusses diagnostic tracers in prostate cancer.

Manoj K. Jain, MD, nuclear medicine specialist, radiologist, Mayo Clinic, discusses diagnostic tracers in prostate cancer.

F-18 fluciclovine (Axium) is commonly used at academic institutions because C-11 choline has a short half-life and requires an onsite cyclotron for the production of the tracer and for use, says Jain. However, one of the drawbacks of F-18 fluciclovine is that the supply from the vendor is only accessible on limited days.

However, Mayo Clinic is in the process of getting a cyclotron approval. After that, Mayo Clinic will be using C-11 choline, because it will be more readily available and will allow for easier scheduling, says Jain.

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