Dr. Levine on Programmed Anticancer Immunity With T-cell and NK-cell Therapies

March 31, 2020
Bruce L. Levine, PhD

Bruce L. Levine, PhD, discusses engineered anticancer immunity with T-cell and natural killer–cell therapies.

Bruce L. Levine, PhD, Barbara and Edward Netter professor in Cancer Gene Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, discusses engineered anticancer immunity with T-cell and natural killer (NK)—cell therapies.

The field of engineered anticancer immunity using T-cells and NK-cells is in very early stages of development, says Levine. Modifications and improvements will continue to be made within the field so although no activity is currently being seen with this approach in solid tumors, it may prove to be effective in the future, adds Levine.

Such improvements will be made with regard to T-cell and NK-cell engineering and with the discovery of new tumor antigens. Combinations with other modalities, such as vaccines, oncolytic viruses, checkpoint antibodies, and additional therapies will also propel the field forward, concludes Levine.

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