Dr. Liu on the Development of Frontline Atezolizumab Combination Therapies in SCLC

Stephen V. Liu, MD, discusses efforts to develop atezolizumab-based combination therapies for patients with small cell lung cancer.

Stephen V. Liu, MD, associate professor of medicine, Georgetown University, director of Thoracic Oncology, head of Developmental Therapeutics, the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses efforts to develop atezolizumab (Tecentriq)-based combination therapies for patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC).

The phase 3 IMpower-133 trial (NCT02763579) led to the FDA approval of frontline atezolizumab in SCLC which demonstrated an improvement in progression-free survival and overall survival (OS), Liu explains.

Following the approval of this regimen, tiragolumab with atezolizumab and chemotherapy was investigated in the phase 3 SKYSCRAPER-02 trial (NCT04256421), Liu continues. Results showed that the addition of tiragolumab failed to improve OS benefit vs atezolizumab plus carboplatin/etoposide, Liu says. However, the trial provided further evidence that atezolizumab plus carboplatin/etoposide should be the new standard of care, Liu adds.

Currently being evaluated is earlier integration of second-line therapies into treatment strategies, Liu says. For example, the ongoing phase 3 IMforte trial (NCT05091567) aims to evaluate the use of lurbinectedin (Zepzelca) for patients who received first-line atezolizumab plus carboplatin/etoposide, Liu explains. Patients will complete this regimen and will be randomly assigned to maintenance atezolizumab alone or atezolizumab with lurbinectedin, Liu adds. This trial is currently enrolling, Liu concludes.

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