Dr. Peter Choyke Discusses Molecular Imaging Research

Dr. Peter Choyke, from the National Cancer Institute, Molecular Imaging Program, Discusses Current Molecular Imaging Research.

Peter L. Choyke, MD, head, Imaging Section, program director, Molecular Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute, explains that the goal of molecular imaging research is to find imaging probes that match up with targeted therapies, which can be very diverse and occupy many different pathways in cancer.

A clear need exists for new molecular imaging probes that are able to select patients who are most appropriate for highly targeted cancer treatments. Additionally, probes are needed that can be used to monitor and detect when a patient responds. Optimal outcomes can be achieved by predicting the efficacy of treatment before progression or resistance occurs.

Choyke explains that research into new imaging probes and tests for the rapidly expanding field of targeted therapies is currently underway at the NCI Molecular Imaging Program.