Dr. Polsky on the Exploration of Blood-Based Biomarkers in Melanoma

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David Polsky, MD, PhD, discusses the exploration of blood-based biomarkers in melanoma.

David Polsky, MD, PhD, the Alfred W. Kopf, MD, Professor of Dermatologic Oncology, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology Professor, Department of Pathology, and director of the Pigmented Lesion Service, NYU Langone Health’s Perlmutter Cancer Center, discusses the exploration of blood-based biomarkers in melanoma.

Many groups are analyzing tissue samples to identify measurable biomarkers, including proteins, RNA, or DNA mutations that are prognostic and may be associated with poorer outcomes, explains Polsky. From there, these biomarkers move into the predictive space where they might be able to act as predictors for patient response on a follow-up therapy.

Research at NYU Langone Health focuses on blood-based biomarkers, particularly circulating tumor DNA, says Polsky. On an international level, multiple labs, according to Polsky, are also investigating the role of ctDNA in melanoma as well as other cancers.