Dr. Richard on the Evolving Armamentarium in Multiple Myeloma

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Shambavi Richard, MD, highlights the rapidly evolving armamentarium ​in multiple myeloma.

Shambavi Richard, MD, assistant professor of medicine, hematology, and medical oncology, Center of Excellence for Multiple Myeloma, Mount Sinai Hospital, highlights the rapidly evolving armamentarium ​in multiple myeloma.

Historically, treatment options in multiple myeloma elicited suboptimal responses for patients, explains Richard. However, with research focused on deepening and sustaining remissions, the field appears to be entering a new era of improved patient management.

Moreover, in recent years, minimal residual disease ​(MRD) has become a critical end point in several clinical trials, Richard says. ​Now, ​MRD is starting to establish a role in clinical practice.

With the approval of multiple novel therapies, the field ​continues to evolve with the hope of cure in the not-too-distant future, Richard concludes.