Dr. Shah on Biomarkers of Response to Immunotherapy in Gastric/GEJ Cancer

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Manish A. Shah, MD, discusses biomarkers of response to immunotherapy gastric/gastroesophageal cancer.

Manish A. Shah, MD, Bartlett Family Associate Professor Gastrointestinal Oncology and associate professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University, and associate attending physician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, discusses biomarkers of response to immunotherapy in gastric/gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) cancer.

Mismatch repair deficiency (dMMR) status can inform whether a patient is likely to respond to immunotherapy, explains Shah.

Combined positive score (CPS) also serves as a marker of response to immunotherapy, says Shah.

CPS may indicate which patients will benefit from immunotherapy in the third-line setting, concludes Shah.