Dr. Strosberg on Retreatment With Lutathera in Advanced NETs

Jonathan Strosberg, MD, discusse​s retreatment with Lutathera in advanced neuroendocrine tumors.

Jonathan Strosberg, MD, associate professor, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses retreatment with ​Lutathera (lutetium 177-​dotatate) in advanced neuroendocrine tumors ​(NETs).

Results presented during the 2020 NANETs Virtual Symposium meeting showed a​n encouraging median progression-free survival of about 12.5 months after retreatment with Lutathera, says Strosberg. 

Typically, patients receive 2 additional cycles of Lutathera and, in cases ​of progression, another 2 cycles are administered,​ Strosberg explains. Notably, patients should not receive more than 8 cycles of retreatment​, as it will increase their risk of ​developing resistance.

​The results suggest that retreatment with Lutathera appears to be ​effective and safe, ​although additional research is warranted, Strosberg concludes.