Dr. Yoneda Discusses the Role of the Pulmonologist

Dr. Ken Yoneda from UC Davis Cancer Center Discusses the Role of the Pulmonologist

Ken Y. Yoneda, MD, associate professor of internal medicine, pulmonary and critical care, UC Davis Cancer Center, describes that the pulmonologist plays an important role in both the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

The pulmonologists role in treatment includes palliative patients with pleural effusions, tumor obstructions in the bronchiole, laser therapy in the bronchiole, and placing stents. They also help establish a diagnosis by working closely with the interventional radiologist and computed tomography (CT) radiologist.

The pulmonologist plays a substantial role because some tumors are easier to approach percutaneously or by bronchoscope. Using these approaches can help the patient by providing the easiest approach to diagnosing the tumor.