Effective Management of Prostate Cancer - Episode 16

Effective Management of Prostate Cancer Conclusion

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In this segment, Raoul Concepcion, MD, wraps up the discussion by noting that conversations often provide urologists with the opportunity to stay involved and provide new points of view to their peers. In closing, Daniel R. Saltzstein, MD, Bryan Mehlhaff, MD, and Steve Dobbs, FACHE, each provide their opinions on key areas of interest in prostate cancer.

Saltzstein notes that a few different areas of prostate cancer are in need of further development, such as biopsying, surveillance, radiation, surgery, and androgen deprivation therapy. With all the recent advances and new treatments approved, it's an exciting time in prostate cancer, Mehlhaff points out. However, he adds, finding a cure for the disease should remain a goal of research. In terms of reimbursement and purchasing costs, Dobbs stresses that communication and trust between physicians is an important factor.