Prostate Cancer: Practice Management - Episode 6

Evidence-Based Care for Localized Prostate Cancer

An analysis of trends in the treatment of localized prostate cancer stresses the need for evidence-based guidelines, the panel believes. The multiple treatment options currently available, including active surveillance and prostatectomy, emphasizes the importance of establishing the most effective therapy through randomized trials.

In his practice, Paul R. Sieber, MD, notes that active surveillance is becoming the trend for treating newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer. However, Neal D. Shore, MD, notes that on average nationwide prostatectomy rates are on the rise while active surveillance frequency is declining. This variation calls for prospective randomized trials comparing the different modalities, in order to establish an evidence-based set of parameters.

Shore states that many of the large urology associations, such as the AUA, LUGPA, and AACU, are starting to realize the importance of evidence-based care. However, supporting data still needs to be established that proves without a doubt that the treatments provided are in the best interest of the patients.