The Evolving Landscape of Therapy for HR+ MBC - Episode 3

First-Line Patient Selection for CDK Inhibitor Use

Transcript:Kimberly L. Blackwell, MD: One of the things that practicing clinicians are thinking about is, are there patients whom I definitely would give a CDK inhibitor to, such as ribociclib? And are there patients I definitely would not?

There has been a fairly extensive analysis of not only the MONALEESA-2 dataset, which was the approval study for ribociclib, but also the other CDK inhibitor trials. And when you look at things that we tend to think of as better prognostics, the CDK inhibitors actually made just as large an impact. For instance, in the bone-only population in the CDK inhibitor trials, there appears to be a very similar benefit to those patients who are facing bone-only disease compared to patients that had known visceral metastases.

I’ve looked at the data. We like to pick things apart. I’m a picker, and I tried to see if I could find a group that I wouldn’t offer the drugs to, but the reality is that I haven’t found a group where there’s a clear absence of benefit. There’s not one group that adding the CDK inhibitor to didn’t make a difference. So, for right now, I’m offering CDK inhibitors to all of my patients in the first-line setting of hormone sensitive metastatic breast cancer.

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