Global Perspectives on Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer - Episode 10

Global Perspective on the ASCO Annual Meeting

In the final segment of the discussion on global colorectal cancer (CRC) care, which was filmed in Chicago during 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting, moderator John L. Marshall, MD, asks each panelists what they enjoy most about the annual meeting and why they travel so far to attend. According to Dirk Arnold, MD, the ASCO Annual Meeting affords participants the opportunity to learn from other malignancies, such as lung, breast, and renal cell carcinomas, bringing together the oncology world for a few days.

One of the developments at ASCO 2015 that has generated excitement for patients with colorectal cancer, as well as other tumor types, is in the area of immunotherapies, adds Arnold. Many challenges remain, however, in terms of tailoring treatment for patients. Findings at the meeting shed light on a potential biomarker in the form of mismatch repair for PD-1 inhibition in CRC.

The increasing knowledge in CRC has led to a realization that the disease is highly complex, comments Fortunato Ciardiello, MD, PhD. However, it is important not to become overwhelmed by the complexity, adds Ciardiello. There have been important advancements in CRC that have extended survival. One of the key developments is learning that a multidisciplinary approach, that may include surgery, improves outcomes. Learning about the various biomarkers is an ongoing challenge, adds Ciardiello.