Integrating New Services into Urology Practices - Episode 8

Integrating a Medical Oncologist Into Urology Practices

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The CHAARTED trial studied the combination of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) plus docetaxel therapy versus ADT alone in 790 patients diagnosed with hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer. The combination resulted in a median overall survival of 57.6 months compared with 44 months in the ADT—alone arm (P = .0003).

Based on these and similar results, many urology practices are providing or considering providing intravenous chemotherapy therapy on-site for their cancer patients. In order to accomplish this, many urology practices will need to have a medical oncologist available on-site a few times a month to provide chemotherapy administration services, Gary M. Kirsh, MD, suggests. A number of urology groups around the country are incorporating medical oncology services.

It could be challenging to fully engage a medical oncologist in a urology practice, Sanford J. Siegel, MD, notes. However, having a medical oncologist on-site is in line with the integrated care model, and aids in further educating cancer patients about their options.