Ovarian Cancer: Chaired by Sanaz Memarzadeh, MD, PhD


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Ovarian Cancer: Chaired by Sanaz Memarzadeh, MD, PhD

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OncLive is proud to present the State of the Science Summits and a new virtual event, Institutional Perspectives in Cancer (IPC). Each summit and webinar will convene for a short meeting designed to educate healthcare professionals on the clinical benefits associated with new science driving new thinking in cancer management. Attendees will not only improve their knowledge of novel treatment approaches, but also leave the event the with confidence and intent to apply state-of-the-art treatment strategies to care for their patients. Each event is dedicated to the latest research in one of the following therapeutic areas: Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, GU & Prostate Cancer, Hematology, or Melanoma.

The State of the Science Summits and IPC assemble academic and community-based physicians & healthcare professionals across key disciplines from medical and surgical oncology. Specialist experts serve as faculty for these premier and renowned oncology summits, which focus on the most relevant cancer topics to ultimately improve patient care.


  • Sanaz Memarzadeh, MD, PhD | UCLA
  • Olga Olevsky, MD | UCLA
  • Kari Kubalanza, MD | UCLA
  • Tiffany Lai, MD | UCLA
  • Steven Raman, MD, FSAR, FSIR | UCLA
  • Puja Venkat, MD | UCLA


  • Recurrent Platinum Sensitive Ovarian Cancer
  • Recurrent Platinum Resistant Disease
  • Role of Surgery for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
  • Ablation Techniques at UCLA for Oligometastatic Disease
  • Laboratory and Collaborative Efforts at UCLA

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