December 2011: Trials in Progress

January 16th 2012

The Trials in Progress section supploes summaries of ongoing research in a broad range of cancer types.

March 2011 FDA Updates

March 21st 2011

FDA updates for the Month of March

Excessive multivitamin consumption may be linked to prostate cancer

March 16th 2011

Though taking multivitamins has been linked to potential health benefits, a new study has found that an excessive consumption of multivitamins may not be beneficial.

Long-term effect of treatment on childhood cancer survivors

March 15th 2011

Recent reports published in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS) are examining the longterm or delayed health effects of cancer treatments.

Mom's Cancer Lands Patrick Dempsey a New Role

March 14th 2011

That human touch and caring makes a big difference for people

Palliative care shows surprising benefit

March 14th 2011

New research has shown that adding prompt palliative supportive care to standard treatment may not only improve mood and quality of life in cancer patients, but it may even extend survival.

FDA Green-Lights Phase III Trial for Drug-Eluting Microspheres in Liver Cancer

March 9th 2011

The FDA has given Merit Medical Systems the green light for a phase III clinical trial investigating QuadraSphere Microspheres in patients with primary liver cancer.

FDA Requests Label Change for Generic Docetaxel

March 9th 2011

The FDA has requested that the generic drug manufacturer Hospira change the planned label for its generic formulation of docetaxel.

FDA Considers Approval of Fusilev for Colorectal Cancer

March 9th 2011

The FDA has notified Spectrum Pharmaceuticals that it will decide whether to approve Fusilev (levoleucovorin) for colorectal cancer within 6 months.

Advisory Panel Discusses Expanded Indication for Avodart

March 9th 2011

The FDA has released briefing documents noting that the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor increases the risk of high-risk prostate cancer.

FDA Approves Zactima

March 9th 2011

An FDA advisory panel voted 10 to 0 in favor of approving Zactima (vandetanib) for patients with medullary thyroid cancer who have symptomatic, progressive disease.

Effects of UV Radiation Are Cumulative

March 9th 2011

An article in Oncogene further explains how ultraviolet (UV) radiation helps transform skin cells into basal cell carcinoma.

People in Britain Say Find Aliens, Cure Cancer

March 9th 2011

A recent poll conducted by Britain's Royal Society found that what Britons want most is a vaccine that will prevent cancer.

Web-Based CME Program Started for Rural Oncologists

March 9th 2011

A Web-based CME program gives physicians in rural areas free access to clinical research and expert advice on oncology through an e-newsletter.

Risk of Cancer from CT Scans

March 9th 2011

A retrospective study conducted at Stanford University found that the risk of cancer due to radiation from CT scans might be lower than previously determined.

Coloring During Chemotherapy

March 9th 2011

Coloring for Chemo/Comfort is a nonprofit organization in Nevada started by Amy Villarele-Hardy and Nina Lawyer in November 2009.

Long Ring Finger = Less Prostate Cancer?

March 9th 2011

According to the British Journal of Cancer, a new study by London's Institute of Cancer Research finds that finger length might be an indicator of prostate cancer risk.

South Florida's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center: Hitting Its Stride

March 2nd 2011

The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC), part of the University of Miami Health System, first opened its doors in 1992. Over the years, the SCCC has become the hub of cancer research in the region.