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The OncLive Genitourinary Cancer condition center page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights across genitourinary (GU) malignancies, including renal cell carcinoma, urothelial carcinoma, and prostate cancer. This section features news articles, interviews in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on the evolving treatment paradigm of GU cancers and emerging research.

A Review of Data on Optimal Sequencing and Combinations of Current Therapies in Renal Cell

March 4th 2011

The past 2 to 3 decades saw a palpable therapeutic nihilism associated with the management of patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), interrupted briefly by the initial excitement regarding high-dose interleukin-2.

Flash Findings

August 17th 2010

Fast biotech facts and figures. In this issue: 1) Cancer Risk Factors and Mortality 2) Bladder Cancer 3) Testicular Cancer 4) Breast Cancer

NCCN Updates Guidelines for Kidney and Cervical Cancer

July 8th 2010

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), a nonprofit alliance of 21 leading cancer centers worldwide, develops and publishes clinical practice guidelines to promote the importance of continuous quality improvement. The primary goal of all its initiatives is to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of oncology practice so patients can live better lives.

Updated Guidelines on Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

June 24th 2010

Each year, more than 60,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer, which has been linked to a number of risk factors, including cigarette smoking and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Staying Focused in Turbulent Times

May 24th 2010

When the market is volatile, people think about their financial future. With current market events as turbulent as they are, you may be concerned about their potential impact on your 401(k) account. During times like this, it is more important than ever to follow certain basic, time-tested principles of investing.

Can New Technologies Be Used to Predict Treatment Response in Cancer Patients?

March 20th 2009

The next leap forward in cancer treatment will see physicians tailoring treatments based on patients' individualized tumor profiles.