Getting It Right in Breast Cancer Means Being More Precise

Anita T. Shaffer @Shaffer1
Published: Friday, Mar 08, 2019

For practicing oncology specialists, changes in the program begin Thursday with a minisymposium featuring tumor board sessions with case reports and panel discussions. On Sunday, the agenda includes the Exigent Matters Workshop. This is an interactive session in which faculty members model how they would approach difficult conversations with patients, such as a discussion about a lack of response to therapy, a diagnosis that turned out to be inaccurate, or a problem with clinical trial eligibility.”

“We challenge our faculty to break news that’s not favorable to a hypothetical patient, and then we sort of rate their style on what worked and what didn’t work,” Borgen explained. “We did it last year for the first time, and it was a huge hit with the audience.”


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