Physician and Patient Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment in Essential Thrombocythemia

OncLive Staff
Published: Monday, Apr 13, 2020

Welcome to a very special edition of OncLive On Air! I’m your host today, Gina Columbus.

OncLive On Air is a podcast from OncLive, which provides oncology professionals with the resources and information they need to provide the best patient care. In both digital and print formats, OncLive covers every angle of oncology practice, from new technology to treatment advances to important regulatory decisions.

But today, we collaborated with one of our sister brands, CURE, which has the largest consumer publication in the United States focused entirely on cancer, with broad distribution to cancer patients, cancer centers and advocacy groups. We teamed up with CURE’s Editorial Director Kristie Kahl, and sat down with Ruben Mesa, MD, and his patient Antje Hjerpe, who has been living with essential thrombocythemia for 35 years, to discuss her treatment course and gain clinical insight on her diagnosis. Dr. Mesa is director of the Mays Cancer Center at UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center.

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Mesa shared the challenges in diagnosing ET, the current state of treatment and ongoing research efforts, and resources he recommends on educating both physicians and patients on myeloproliferative neoplasms and components of care. Also, Antje shared what led to her ET diagnosis, her journey, and how she become her own advocate for her health.

Thank you for listening to this special episode of OncLive On Air. Check back on Mondays and Thursdays for new interviews with top experts in the oncology field. For more updates in oncology, be sure to visit and sign up for our e-newsletters.

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