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NY-ESO-1 Gains Momentum as a Therapeutic Target

Morgan E. Meissner, PhD
Published: Friday, Aug 02, 2019
As the immunotherapy research field grows, NY-ESO-1 is emerging as a high-priority target for cancer vaccine development and adoptive T-cell therapies. Promising results have been obtained from early studies, prompting the rapid expansion of the field. Consequently, NY-ESO-1 was the target of 37% of all active clinical trials utilizing T-cell receptor (TCR)-based adoptive T-cell therapy, according to an analysis of studies updated as of June 2018.1

The restricted expression profile of NY-ESO-1 in healthy adult tissues makes this protein an ideal anticancer target because there is a low risk of off-target toxicities caused by treatment.

Figure. Immunotherapy Opportunities for Targeting NY-ESO-12

FIGURE. IMMUNOTHERAPY OPPORTUNITIES FOR TARGETING NY-ESO-12 The protein also has been shown to spontaneously elicit both humoral and cellular immune responses in patients with cancer, making NY-ESO-1 a prime target for immunotherapy-based treatments. Several studies have found that NY-ESO-1 is able to stimulate IgG responses in many cancer types.2,3 The findings from an analysis of 1969 tumors of various cancer types confirmed stimulation of an anti–NY-ESO-1 humoral response in the serum of patients with esophageal, lung, hepatocellular, prostate, gastric, colorectal, or breast cancers.3
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