October 2013 | Oncology & Biotech News

Multidisciplinary Melanoma Program Facilitates Patient Care and Clinical Research

November 19, 2013

The Malignant Melanoma Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health employs a multidisciplinary approach for the management of patients with all stages of this disease. The goals of the program are centered on unequivocal excellence in all areas of care for patients with malignant melanoma.

Subgroup Analyses Show Depth of Everolimus Benefit in BOLERO-2

November 15, 2013

New analyses of the BOLERO-2 trial found that everolimus and exemestane produced significantly longer progression-free survival than placebo and exemestane in several previously unstudied patient subgroups.

The Affordable Care Act Is Here!… Or Is It?

November 07, 2013

A majority of Americans-patients, physicians, hospital executives, business leaders, and elected officials- are bearing witness to the beginning of a change in healthcare reimbursement and delivery that rivals the introduction of the Medicare system in 1965.

ALK-Positive Criteria for Determining Crizotinib Use May Fall Short

November 04, 2013

The criteria that are presently used to determine whether patients with non-small cell lung cancer may be suitable for treatment with the ALK inhibitor crizotinib may overlook some patients who may benefit from the drug.

Can Foundation Medicine Break Away From the Genomic Testing Pack?

October 29, 2013

Choosing what tests to order for each patient's cancer and then collecting individual samples for those tests has become complex and time consuming-which is why Foundation Medicine expects a big market for FoundationOne.

Unique Considerations With TKIs for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

October 25, 2013

At the recent NCCN 8th Annual Congress on Hematologic Malignancies, Michael Millenson, MD, Fox Chase Cancer Center, discussed considerations in selecting second- and third-generation tyrosine-kinase inhibitors for the management of chronic myelogenous leukemia

Novel B-Cell Receptor Signaling Inhibitors Show Promise

October 23, 2013

Drugs targeting B-cell receptor signaling pathways are improving outcomes for patients with B-cell lymphomas; these novel agents include idelalisib and ibrutinib, and are considered a breakthrough for CLL and other B-cell lymphomas.